Sunday, October 30, 2011

Poster designs for the new art exhibit FANTASTIC BLACKNESS. Curated by Dr. Adilifu Nama.
I dd these in a day or so...!
BLACK JACK front panel!
Illustration process for BLACK JACK.
Image from BLACK JACK: HEART OF EVIL by Alex Simmons and John Jennings

WitchDoctor Collabo!

Pencils and inks by Kenjji Marshall. Digital colors by yours truly!
Collaboration with the amazing Stacey "BlackStar" Robinson!
Occupy Elm Street! Our "American Dream" is now a nightmare. This poster was done to help raise awareness of the insidious behavior of big business in America.


This Angela Davis poster will be auctioned on November 6th at the Center for the Study of Political Graphics. She is being honored for her work as a civil rights activist and just all around social justice champion.